• Arverne Geothermal: the earth’s natural heat at the service of the sustainable development of communities.

Who we are ?

Arverne Geothermal is the mission to transform the natural heat of the earth into a useful source of energy. Arverne Group masters all the skills needed for carrying out a geothermal project. Potential evaluation studies, exploration, license, permits and administrative procedures, drilling and exploitation: Arverne Geothermal transforms the inexhaustible, stable clean energy of the earth into local wealth in cooperation with public and private partners.

Arverne Geothermal is committed to creating added value and jobs close to the geothermal source, in the service of local communities and in an industrial approach meeting the highest safety requirements and standards.

Founded in March 2019, the French company ARVERNE is born in the energy transition. Its core is the subsurface and innovation, its DNA. Arverne is fully committed to the greatest adventure of the 21st century: decarbonate our economy and transform theenergy in added value where it is produced:

  •  By making geothermal energy accessible, the natural and inexhausible heat source from the heart of the Earth.
  •  By developping new concepts for geo-energy

ARVERNE’s mission is to tackle a challenge: fulfill the energy transition without compromising progress nor hamper our economical prosperity.

Our vision

We believe that the earth’s natural heat is a pillar of the energy transition. Without this inexhaustible, clean and non-intermittent energy, mankind will not free itself from its dependence on hydrocarbons and will fail to meet the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.

Arverne Group’s team, with a strong background in the upstream subsoil sector, puts the know-how, technologies and skills of past industries at the service of the future, of mankind and of sustainable, earth friendly growth. The earth’s natural, stable and clean energy must generate value locally, transformed into products, services and jobs in the immediate vicinity of the sources in a short circuit’s economy. In close cooperation with communities and local stakeholders, Arverne creates the ecosystems of tomorrow.

Arverne Drilling

ARVERNE DRILLING is a subsidiary of ARVERNE GROUP since February 2020. With more than 1000 wells drilled for more than 60 years (under the names COFOR and Entrepose Drilling), Arverne Drilling specializes in drilling, work-over and decommissioning of wells. It provides tailor-made services adapted to the clients’ projects, from time rate contracts (Equipment and personnel rental) to EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) turnkey solutions.

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