• La géothermie : une énergie inépuisable, locale,
    au service de l’environnement

Geothermal energy

What is geothermal energy ?

The word “geothermal energy” comes from the Greek gêo (=earth), and thermos (=heat), literally ‘the heat of the earth’. It refers to the earth’s natural energy…

Geothermal installations

Various type of geothermal installations can be used to extract the calories from the subsurface. The technical choice is made according to…

French Aquifer resources

What are the French aquifer resources suitable for…

Mining law and geothermal energy

Geothermal projects with shafts more than 200 meters deep are subject to the mining, environmental and other related legislation…

Geothermal water

More or less drinkable,
More or less young,
More or less hot,
More or less colored,…

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